Jan 17 • 1HR 45M

02: A New Concept that Will Make You 23% Happier + Giving Away my Unused 7-Figure Ideas

And ive gotten myself a NEW Rodecaster!

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Jonathan Courtney
Counterintuitive advice on running a Small Business by someone who's been running one for 12 years. Hosted by Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart. Got a question you want to be read out on air? Comment on the current episode here: https://howtobusiness.substack.com/
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A lot going on in this episode, and I am finding my feet in terms of recording, here’s what I discuss:

  • A new AJ&Smart product launch (secret free access)

  • A complex negotiation between 2 AJ&Smart departments

  • Why “De-Atomization” will make you happier in all aspects of your life

  • Money advise i’d give to my daughter when she’s 20

  • Giving away an idea that would make us millions but we don’t have time for

2 Roadcasters’ a charm

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