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Hey Jonathan, really like how unscheduled the episodes are. It feels like something that everyone is missing in the podcast space.

A couch a room some drinks and ramble away and within that some useful little nuggets are discussed shared and loved. A chilled and laid back conversation where the only personality shines.

Keep it going πŸš€

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Hey Jonathan, are the free trainings you do as marketing hosted by you and AJ & Smart or do you partner with other organizations to help you promote to your target market?

Also do you host them only in person or also virtual? And again how to you get attendance either way? Partnership or just ads?

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Thanks for the podcast again Jonathan. I do not have a question but wanted to make a comment on the whole 'being-unscheduled-as-a-CEO-thing'. It reminds me of a book I have been reading called Be Less Zombie by Elvin Turner. It is about innovation for leadership and one of the chapters is about the author having been in many board rooms and being surprised by the fact that so many top level people are busy with day-to-day stuff. But - in the book from the perspective of innovation - these are the people that should be busy with more 'visionary' things: learning about trends in society, technology, in politics etc. to be able to develop a strategy to guide the organization into the future. Day-to-day stuff should be on the to do list of the managers just below them in hierarchy. The whole unscheduled approach you discuss reminded me of this book. Looking forward to the next episode!

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Jonathan: if you thought Episode 2 was better than Episode 1, then you're not going to like this one!

Colm: Grrrr!

But in fact it isn't *that* bad. Lots and lots of good stuff in there, amongst the ramblings. Indeed, some of the best insights are buried within the ramblings. #waytogo

And I'm so glad to be a member of the Irishmen-wearing-Birkenstocks Club - 3 members so far: Pierce, Jonathan and I ;-)

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Hey Jonathan,

Two things regarding episode n.2:

1) I totally understand you when you say (well, when you write first, then read what you wrote...πŸ˜†) that you actually enjoy working and don't enjoy as much other activities which are usually considered as fun activities, things you do to counter-balance your work side.

I am very similar to you: I like to come up with new strategies, new ideas, coming up with a new name, building a website...damn even checking for a domain availability is better than many other "fun activities"!

GaryVee expressed the same idea in a video (can't find it right now among his gazillions videos) but I think he said "I use all these businesses the way people use golf..."

2) while you were saying that you were reinvesting all the profit in the company, I told myself "Mmh, that's strange, he interviewed Jason Fried and that's not his philosophy". 4 seconds later you mentioned how Jason Fried manages the money from his company. ANYWAY, long story short: since you know you like to read stuff on your podcast, maybe you can read this piece written by Jason which very clearly explains their (Jason and DHH) point of view: https://medium.com/signal-v-noise/why-we-choose-profit-e511efc4dcb9


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For next episode: Do you think passion is overrated?

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For the next one:

β€’ What games are you playing?

β€’ Any favourites?

β€’ What's good for single player what's good for multiplayer?

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Hey Jonathan, I really liked the last two episodes. the topic work-life-integration aka how do i have social interaction while hustling resonates with me. I have no solutions for that, i can only 100% agree :-D

I learned that everybody likes to meet and hang around (private & business), but only a small percentages takes actions and created opportunities. When you create opportunities ("like to hang around?") people will happily join and thank you for that. Just like the article you were reading out loud: You have to actively manage that, otherwise it wont happen. Just like working out and other stuff...

Your selling strategy (free workshop with hard sell at the end) peaked my interested. Can you please dive deeper into that in later episodes? Like how did you end up doing that and why does it perform better than email/whatever marketing to landingpage?

Thanks and looking forward to the next one.


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Not planning on missing an episode but when you read an article verbatim I kinda fall asle….πŸ’€. Maybe just give us the TLDR version and more interested on your thoughts on it.

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