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Great piece, i learned so much.

I Just Wonder Back in the days when you created YT content about Sprints. Was there already a demand (Keyword wise) or did you kinda build Up the demand by Not stopping to Put Out contend?

How did you know you will have a ROI of your content Team? I guess in the beginning it was Just costing you Money (and your time)?

For the new Mastermind group, is it an Option for you to Join Mr. Harmozi? ;-)

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Hey Jonathan I’m really enjoying the podcast so keep it up. I appreciate the unfiltered, raw, real, genuine Jonathan and thank you for answering my quick previous question; it was helpful.

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Hi Jonathan, Kara from Florida here (you mentioned on another episode wanting to call out where people are writing in from, so there you go). Loving this podcast. I stumbled on it this week, and now am going back and checking out the earlier ones, which is how I got to this episode. This one resulted in a major ah-ha moment for me. Now I am going back and forth between watching Spencer's original video, and your commentary (kudos to Spencer as well).

Like your past self, I have been running a small consulting firm for about 12 years. We are very much still in the hourly billing model. We have refined our service offerings from doing whatever people come to us with, to orienting around a few specific offerings, which is a good first step. But as much as we talk about moving into a more productized/packaged service role (based on value, not on hours), we struggle to get there. Much less to a fully productized offering, such as what you have done with Workshopper.

This podcast and Spencer's video are solid gold in pointing me to the path forward. And of course, Built to Sell, which I have read and loved.

The way Spencer tells it, you moved from the day-rate/billable-hour model straight to the Design Sprint offering. But as you mention at the end, the reality is always a bit messier. So I am curious, during that transition, did you continue to offer day-rate type of services until the DS model really caught on and solidified? And today, does your consulting team ONLY do design sprints, or do you have other service offerings as well?

Thanks for all the insights. Keep it up, ramblings and all. It's all fun to sit back and enjoy. Cheers.

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Hey Jonathan! Loving the podcast and love this one especially! Your advice about how to get a mentor in particular was super interesting. It actually gave me confidence in my attitude to sales 😂 …..which is essentially providing a ton of value and being as helpful as possible to help clients with their goals.

I’ve also reflected and the past 5 years or so have definitely met many people WAY more advanced than me by essentially giving them something back that will help them i.e. promote their book in a meaningful way/give them access to large number of their target audience etc.

I find it staggering how many agencies/freelancers will pitch a like £50k project after giving you a free webinar or something without even working out what your challenges are. It takes thought, time and effort to do it well.

I’ve still got a ton to learn but it has given me confidence in my approach so thank you!

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Hey Jonathan - loving the podcast!

Feels like when you talk through the funnels you've built at AJ&Smart, it's usually related to your B2C products (courses and communities). Do you use a similar marketing and sales approach for B2B? Wondering how these funnels play out when you're working with enterprises.

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Firstly thank you, for the effort in doing this regularly. Powerful insight into your brain, for free with no ask.

Question1: have you ever got bored of what you do at AJSmart, if so what did you do about it?

Question 2: When did you feel things clicked into place and starting working at AJSmart? What did it feel and look like?

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enjoying the pod, have been on holiday so missed the last couple but listened to this one on my flight and it was solid.

really liked what you said about "if i have the opportunity to learn from or spend time with someone ahead of me + i can afford it then i always do it" -- such a good rule and one i'll steal with pride

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Spencer's video was definitely a good watch. I saw it before you discussed it in your podcast. Interesting indeed - as you mention in your podcast - how he shows his knowledge of the BMC by analyzing AJ&Smart's business model. It reminded me of what you mentioned in your previous episode about running events to sell your services. With a colleague-facilitator we run 60 minutes online LDJ's regularly for our marketing. Participants are always amazed to see and experience how this tool works. It is literally a taster session for them to experience how we facilitate and how these tools and techniques help to move forward with a team.

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maybe chapter your episode next time on youtube (put just 00:00 in shownotes) , so much golden nugget in here, don't want to miss something

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Now next step : go to anchor, host your podcast, host your video, and this way you will allow ppl to get your audio and your video inside Spotify (which just bought Anchor)

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