Thanks for featuring our podcast Jonathan! It was a blast to have you and Jake on Metacast :)

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I love this podcast, and all your other content. Thanks for putting it out there.

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Talking of selfishness is helpful. Thanks Jon for this episode — nice to hear your thoughts on this.

What Is Selfishness | Art of Accomplishment Podcast #34


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Loved the podcast already. But really digging the intro music of Ep5! Goes very nice with your vibe.

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Here’s the link to the Metacast pod with Jake and Jonathan: https://youtu.be/elb1oK1_muM

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This episode made me laugh so hard... "DID HE SAY FACILITATES?" I definitely had a small dance party. I have the music playing in my head every time I hear it in conversation. I love listening to Jonathan's thought process and the knowledge he shares. Listening to this episode especially has helped me figure out what I want and figure out a path to get what I want. Valuable information, thank you for sharing!

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🤣🤣🤣 the intro music

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WTF !!! No Episode 6 ??

I'm devastated!

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Hi Jonathan,

This is Agustín from Argentina (living in Minnesota).

I’ve been reflecting a lot about your episode about work-life balance and although I fully agree with your principle, there’s room for interpretation of what that means.

I see work-life-balance as the ability to organize your day/week in a more flexible way.

As a designer I’m passionate about what I do and I don’t have problems to work or talk about work “outside” of the 9 to 5, as design, innovation, technology, business are things I enjoy.

The following quote will also help to exemplify my interpretation of work life balance when working for a company (not being an entrepreneur), because you are still getting paid by the hour ;).

“A nonlinear workday essentially means that you’re not working in typical 9 to 5,” You have regular periods of the day where you’re working, but they don’t typically match that standard 9 to 5, with a classic lunch break in the middle.”

By they way, here’s my question.

I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur but I’d love to know which of your top values, beliefs and behaviors are still applicable for a professional progressing through out their career within a company.


And BTW enjoying the open-ended podcast, feels like listening to a (wise) friend ;)

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I think there's a lot to selfishness, we idolise the most selfish people in society, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Gary Vee, Alex Hormozi etc - yet when we sit in an office together we treat collaboration as a big circle jerk where everyone should get to say their piece, share their thoughts, we feel obliged to ask for people's thoughts when we really dont care.

It's a fast track to 'beige collaboration' and political organisations, because the only way you can actually get what you want is to manipulate others. Compared to the opposite of knowing where you stand with everyone because they're not dancing around a topic to avoid upsetting someone else.

In terms of wants - when I was in my mid-twenties I decided I wanted to be a design director, by my late twenties / early thirties I was on the verge of reaching that 'goal'. After a bunch of discussions, quickly realised it wasn't what I wanted anymore, and it was time to step off the career ladder and become an entrepreneur. I'm glad I tried because it allowed me to burn my ships and commit to making my new business work.

Hope you stick with the pod, it's thought provoking (and gives me plenty of ideas for content of my own).

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Best chill podcast for dogwalks

Wanted to add a picture:


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