Hi Jonathan! This episode made me think a lot about how I feel in the remote-first work environment I'm currently in. I concluded that I'd like to end this "atomisation of work"-experiment sooner or later. The integrated version of work in the office felt way better for me.

The part I'm missing the most are the short talks with colleagues where you're able to naturally connect. In contrast to that for me many in-person work meetings today feel like the arranged dinner parties with friends you described in a previous episode (many expectations and a lot of pressure).

I'm wondering, how do freelancers prevent to become a loner?

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Feb 23, 2023Liked by Jonathan Courtney

I personally love the freedom of remote work, but I definitely wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life remote 'only' (unless I move to Bali or something)

As you said - it's largely down to preference. But pros and cons aside, the question I keep coming back to is how much of the 'return to office' drive based on conventional knowledge?

Kind of like when high street retailers scoffed at the idea that online retail was a threat to their business, and now most of those high street retailers are owned by online retailers (or dead). The conventional knowledge was wrong, and doubling down on their brick and mortar stores wound up costing them their business.

I'm not really sure if that's where we're heading with work, maybe in-person is really better, or maybe remote work is just waiting for the 'Amazon of remote work' to emerge.

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This was a great episode for self reflection!

As somebody who is / was very pro remote working this episode really made me think about how my own relationship has changed. Once I was the person in the office bouncing around the room learning from anybody and everybody who gave me the time of day, organising team events and last to leave the bar (Maybe not the best). Now I find that my relationship has turned as you mention very transactional. I wake up, do my work and get paid. Unfortunately my relationships within the company have also become equally as transactional.

I think it might be time to fall back in love with work, thanks Jonathan ❤️

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In a remote environment I'm able to put forward a much more positive attitude to my managers, coworkers, and clients. I need the time to recharge between interactions. I think remote work has actually helped my interpersonal skills. Face-to-face too. Not just over Zoom.

When I worked in-office, inevitably, I would get worn down by the work and/or the people. Then, my will power would wear out. Then...relationships would erode.

Maybe it's working in finance/accounting, but I like the transactional nature of the work. It's more straightforward and less ambiguous. More clear-cut, less games.

All that said, there is something to be said about interacting face-to-face that rounds out a relationship with someone. I was able to meet most of my coworkers over the holidays and that was definitely a positive.

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