I have spent a lot on coaching, courses and therapy over the years. I constantly seek out more and more. Lately, I have started reflecting more on the spend, ROI piece and trying to use it to make better choices as I believe in doing it all but need to be mindful of the pressures and what’s really going to move the dial.

Most expensive course - your course: Workshopper Master, I don’t regret the spend at all. Huge value which continues to keep giving as I am part of the group and have access to the content which I revisit every month.

I just signed up for a rather pricy writing course (4/28, write everyday for 28 days) and an expensive business coach for 6 months who has done exactly what I want to do so I feel this will be the next best step. This now taps into the time, people and money pressure I thrive on.

Thanks for the post, love to see you spend a sh*t ton of money on stuff like this, too 🤓

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I've invested about €40k this year in myself with courses on business, coaching, facilitation and training. I am becoming much more critical to the ROI (sometimes fun is also a ROI, but becoming more focused on financial ROIs). The most expensive was 16,5k and so far it has been a bad investment, totally no click with the people, program is outdated, etc. etc. But I consider it an investment in my entrepreneurial journey. Some lower cost programs have been more valuable. In the bigger picture it will work out and balance each other out.

One advice from present self to past self: be wary of investing a lot in programs, if it's higher tier make sure you invest in having contact with people doing what you want to do and close access to them (basically your point #1). The social aspect is so important next to having the 'strategy' only.

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Nov 29, 2022Liked by Jonathan Courtney

You’re like one of my “Sam Ovens” Jonathan. And the amounts I’ve invested in myself over the last two years has only increased. Now I’m getting laser focused on getting more returns.

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P.S.S. These blogs are really nice. Thanks for writing them.

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