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Voicenote: Why you never finish anything

Voicenote: Why you never finish anything

Entrepreneurs like to START stuff

This is a new mini-episode format called a Voicenote!

When something comes to mind that I just can’t wait to put out on a Tuesday, i’ll make a voicenote and upload it!

I won’t email you about these episodes after this one, even if you’re on the Substack mailing list (I want to avoid spamming you), so please make sure you’re subscribed to The Unscheduled CEO podcast in any of the podcast apps.

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How To Business
The Unscheduled CEO
This podcast is like getting an occasional voice-note from an entrepreneur who's running a multi-million dollar (profit) business. It's raw, completely unedited but most importantly: actionable!
Honestly, this should be called "Diary of a CEO", but that's... like.... taken already I think.
The Unscheduled CEO, hosted by Jonathan Courtney is counterintuitive advice on running a Small Business by someone who's been running one for over 13 years.
Jonathan Courtney is the CEO of AJ& and
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